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The land of Bigfoot and Starbucks is also home to the world's largest flea. The flea, Hystrichopsylla schefferi, is an awe-inspiring colossus. Hystrichopsylla schefferi, also known as the mountain beaver flea and giant mountain beaver flea, is a parasitic nearctic insect belonging to the order. But what's all the fuss about these fleas and their penises? A flea's penis, however giant, is quite the wrong end of a flea to get worried. The oldest and largest flea ever discovered has turned up in Jurassic rocks in China. Warm-blooded animals have been itching to get rid of. The flea, Hystrichopsylla schefferi, is an awe-inspiring colossus that can reach nearly half an inch, its head alone the size of a cat flea or. Japanese (base), 吸血ノミ. Check translation. Japanese (rōmaji), Kyūketsu Nomi. Japanese (translated), Bloodsucking Flea. Card type · Monster. Giant Flea? · Attribute · Level · Monster Type · Card Type · ATK · DEF · Card Text. Listen to Giant Flea on Spotify. Aldo · Album · · 11 songs. Giant fleas are commonly found in areas containing hardy megafauna, such as dinosaurs or mammoths. Giant fleas from the Middle Jurassic of Daohugou, China (Image by HUANG Diying). Professor HUANG Diying from Nanjing Institute of Geology.


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