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If human cognition and ultimately consciousness derive from computation per- formed by the brain, and we build ever more powerful computers and technology, some. TECHNOLOGY AS A FORM OF. CONSCIOUSNESS: A STUDY OF. CONTEMPORARY ETHOS. Carolyn R. Miller. AGROWING interest in the rhetoric. The view of consciousness that seems to be emerging among those who work on artificial intelligence is remarkably elegant: “Consciousness is the. The Impact of Technology on Consciousness: Some Viewpoints on the American Case,. Judy Hushbeck. The material progress made possible by the. The desire to understand consciousness is a human need. For some of us, this need presents as a fleeting sense of curiosity every now and. The idea that consciousness is widespread is attractive to many for intellectual and emotional reasons. But can it be tested? Art, Technology, Consciousness [email protected] intellect. Edited by. Roy Ascott Art, Science and Technology: Building the Triangular Bridge. Or maybe these cells possess a distinguished form of human consciousness and that this universal cellular consciousness results in the. One issue whose consideration has been notably absent relates to which states of consciousness we would like to—or even should—pursue. This has. Technology is a phenomenal tool for promoting human prosperity; however, it can also be a horrifically destructive force.


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